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Activities for Kutch





Navin S. Dedhia

The following is a summary of my key activities during Oct, 2006 – Feb, 2007, visit to India.  Various organizations and individuals are actively involved in enhancing educational opportunities, humanitarian and cultural activities as well as in activities to uplift our community members in Mumbai and Kutch.  The organizations were visited to know more about the activities they were engaged in, exchange information, and receive firsthand information about utilization of KOJAIN funds.   Events organized by them were attended to get glimpses of their activities.  At the outset, I would like to say that I was impressed by their selfless humanitarian activities.

Those of you, who may be interested in obtaining additional information about the activities of individual organization identified below are encouraged to obtain such information by contacting the organizations and visiting them during your next visit
to India. 

  1.   Pragati Foundation’s Hira Mongi Navneet Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai,
        (Heera Monghi Navneet Hospital, Junction of Valji Laddha Road & Ganesh
        Gavde Road, Mulund - West, Mumbai 400 080, Tel:  2591-5577,   2560-0550)
        Date visited and toured the facility:  Oct 30, 2006 and Jan 23, 2007

        In Attendance:  India (Lax Jain,  KVOSS President, Tel:  2402-1389, 98210-72960;
        Shanti Rambhia, Mavji Nandu, Navin Chhdeda, Bipin Shah), USA (Navin Dedhia,
        Tansukh Maru)
        120 bed hospital is housed in a three story building. Hospital has state-of-the-art
        infrastructure with consulting rooms, casualty/day care, imaging, ICU, artificial
        kidney Dialysis unit, operation theaters, general wards, special rooms and

        It is one of the reputable hospitals providing commendable health services at    

        subsidized rates.
  2.   4th Annual Shrimati Taramati Visanji Gala Sahitya - Kala Award – 2006,
        Ghatkopar, Mumbai

        Event Date:   Nov 26, 2006  (Zaverben Auditorium)

        Persons Met:  India (Visanji Harshi Gala, Thane, Mumbai, Tel:  2533-6512;  Lax
        Jain, Lalbhai Rambhia)
        Shri Visanji Harshi Gala sponsored the whole event. The objective of the Annual
        Sahitya Kala Award is to promote Kutchi language, art and culture through
        books, write-ups and documentaries.  Over 500 attendees, including dignitaries,
        prominent writers, admirers, and other interested persons, attended the event.
        Awardees included Jayant Joshi (‘Shabab’) for Kutchi language, Dr. Girish
        Vichchhivora for other than Kutchi language, Vinod Ganatra for film
        documentary, Manju Savla for art/culture/external activities and Kavi Nensi
        Bhanushali for best Kutchi song books.   

        Visanji Harshi Gala is a past President of KVO Seva Samaj
  3.   Shishuvan School &  Matunga Boarding, King’s Circle, Mumbai

        Date visited and toured the facility:  Nov 29, 2006

        Persons Met:   India (Premji Rambhiya, Matunga, Mumbai, Tel:  2413-1443) 
         Matunga Boarding and Shishuvan English Medium School, located in the same

         premises are providing a unique services in Mumbai. The Shishuvan
         school uses all modern tools and techniques to impart knowledge and skills to the
         students.  The school has earned an enviable reputation in the area and admission

         to the school is highly competitive and much sought after.


         There are about 175 boarders from 78 villages in Matunga Boarding. All Gujarati

         medium students attend Savla school located in the same premises. While the

         students in English  medium attend Amulakh Amichand High school. All the

         boarders are now housed in the newly constructed building. There are full facilities

         for all round development of  the boarders. Indoor games, outdoor games, extra     

         coaching in all the subjects are provided. The band is a signature item for the

         boarding. They have won several prizes.  For the last two years, they are FIRST    

         among  32 schools  in The Band Excel World.  The boarders also have represented

         the region in intra state competition in Volleyball.
  4.    Shree Kutchhi Visha Oshwal Seva Samaj –KVOSS  (3rd Floor, Shree  KVO
         Deravasi Jain Mahajanwadi, 99/101 Keshavji Nayak Road, Mumbai 400 009,
         Tel:  2371-4674, 2377-3032,

        A)   Date visited and toured the KVO Seva Samaj Facility:   Dec 1, 2006

               Persons Met:   India (Lax Jain; Education Committee Chair Lax Kenia,
               Tel:  2414-3341. 98690-36900; Hemchand  K. Gada and V. K. Vora)

               Seva Samaj is undertaking a number of activities all throughout the year. 

               Some of the key activities are Sanjivani (Health Plan), Book Bank, Educational

              Assistance, Monthly Magazine ‘Pagdandi’, Residential Assistance, cultural   

              programs, etc.  In addition, as we all know, KVOSS took a leadership role in

              helping our community members in distress due to heavy rainfall of July 26/27,

              2005, in Mumbai.

        B)  KVOSS sponsored Educational Information Workshop, Matunga, Mumbai

              Event Date:   Dec 3, 2006  (Matunga Boarding)

              In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, Vijay Chheda,  Dami Rambhia, Piyush
              Vora);  India (KVOSS Executive Committee Members, Visanji Harshi Gala)

              Morning Session concentrated on ‘Program on Career in Management Studies’
              Over 400 students and parents came to listen to the various speakers at
              Matunga Boarding’s premises. Students were given an informative handout.
              Information on when, why, what and where of MBA program was presented 

              Afternoon Session was on ‘Pre-Departure Program for Foreign Going Students

              A handful of advice and information was given by various speakers.  Dami
              Rambhia gave an outline of the KOJAIN Host Family Program.  An
              overview of  KOJAIN’s activities was also presented.

        C)  KVOSS ‘Bin Das Bol’ Eloquent Competition for all ages, Matunga, Mumbai

              Event Date:   Jan   21, 2007 (Matunga Boarding)

              In Attendance:  India (KVOSS Exec Members, Visanji Harshi Gala)

              Visanji Harshi Gala sponsored the event.  Children, Youths and adults of all
              ages participated in the eloquence competition.  Winners were announced and
              certificates were awarded.  Over 500 persons were in attendance.                

        D)  KVOSS Marathon Run/Walk from Byculla/Dadar to King’s Circle

              Event Date:   Feb   11, 2007 (Program at Matunga Boarding after the Marathon)

              In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, Shanti/Rajul Gala, Suresh/Jyoti Gala),
              India (KVOSS Exec Members, Visanji Harshi Gala, Premji Rambhiya)

              Over 1500 persons came to greet and encourage the runners/walkers.
              Winners in all age-categories were recognized during the recognition
              event in Matunga Boarding premises.

              Sponsor of the event was Vishanji/Taramati Gala (Village:  Dumra, Kachchh). 


  5.    Shree C.V.O.D. Jain High School, Matushri Purbai Jain Kanyashala, Shree
         C. V. O. D. Jain Technical Institute (84 Samuel Street, Palagaly, Mumbai
         400 009, Tel:  2343-5488,,  Palagaly High School

         Date visited and toured the facility:   Dec 1, 2006 & Jan 31, 2007 (Meeting at
         Matunga Gujarati Club, Matunga)


         Persons Met:  India (Lalit Haria (Chair); Lax Jain; Lax Kenia; Ilaben Dedhia,
         Pannalal K. Chheda, 2352-3328, 98202-84044; and other Executive Committee

         Received an overview and plan for the school as well as an effective utilization of

         school’s unused space.  Currently, Gujarati medium school has a total of 250

         students.  Management is considering expanding the facility to technical and

         management related education courses. Palagaly school is in the process of     

         obtaining permission to start CAD/CAM, Family Business Management and

         Beautician classes starting in June 2007.   A brochure containing vision, mission

         and curriculum is being prepared.

         Palagaly School is collecting basic information on alumni.  All Palagaly
         alumni are requested to send the basic information (Name, address, telephone,
         e-mail, last year in school and profession) to

  7.   Kutchi Jain Foundation – KJF   ( Office Address: Ground Floor, 18/A, Krishna   

        Nivas, Road No. 1, Scheme No. 6, Opposite Rajeshree College,  Sion (East), Mumbai

        400 022, Phone: 24041831, 22936273; Fax: 24015966. email:

        Date visited /toured the Residential Flats:   Dec 6, 2006 (Nala Sopara &      

        Dahisar),  Dec 13, 2006 (Sion Office), Jan 17, 2007  (Nala Sopara)

        In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, Vijay Chheda, Dami Rambhia, Tansukh
        Maru, Chhotalal  Bheddah), India (KJF Vasant Galia, 93222-28134, 2682-7826;
        Ramnik Dedhia,  98210-36240, 2805-5055;  Mahendra Sangoi, 98211-51364,
        2893-4878; Deepak Bheda;  Rajendra D. Pasad, 2614-1811;  Tokarshi U. Savla,

        KJF  has obtained its non-profit status from the government.  The objective of KJF
        is to provide on ownership basis a one-room + kitchen or a two-room + kitchen    

        Residential flats to the needy, poor members of our community.  The basic cost
        to be borne by the applicant is Rs. 1, 25, 000 for a Rs. 300,000-plus flat.  The

        remainder of residence cost is subsidized by the Kachchhi Jain Foundation.  About

        115 flats in Nala Sopara  and 40 flats in Ambarnath have already been allotted to   

        the neediest of the needy families of our community. Foundation is now planning

        a residential scheme in Dombivali for more than 300 families for which the  

        foundation has already paid the earnest money of Rs. 1.5 crore to the builder.

        During the visits to  Nala Sopara, we talked to some of the residents, who have been
        allotted the subsidized residential places on an ownership basis by the Foundation. 
        The residents were all very much thankful to the KJF and its Trustees. 

        At KJF’s Sion (East) Office, reviewed some of applications.  About 1500  
        applications have been received for the housing. Had a chance to listen to some of
        the applicants on their needs.

        KJF is an organization with an aim of providing residential flats on an ownership
        basis at a subsidized rate to the needy and poor people of Kutchi Community. There

        are hundreds of families in our community, who are currently living in a chali
        system one room of 10’ x 10’. Sometimes there are three generation living together
        in such a small room.  Many of these families are finding it hard to even come up
        with their individual share of the cost –Rs. 125,000 – and do need Kutchi
        community’s help. Several of such families have been helped by the generous
        donations from the Deravasi/Sthankavasi Mahajans of their own village in
        Kachchh.  At times, some of these families in Mumbai have been helped by some of
        the families here in the U.S. It is one of the most needed help.


       Vijay Chheda  (714-654-6097,  is one of the six trustees
       of Kutchi Jain Foundation, who can provide details of the Residential scheme.
       Remaining Trustees are India-based.  You may also contact Dami Rambhia
       ( 860- 633-1392,, who has first hand knowledge.


        December 2006 ‘Muktidoot’ issue, published by Tapovan, Navsari, has highly

        Commended the work of Kutchi Jain Foundation and Kutchi donors.

  8)  Injustice in Narmada Water Distribution for Kutch

       Date of Meeting:  Dec 12, 2006 (Keshavaji Dedhia’s Residence,  Mulund – West)

       In Attendance:  India (Keshavaji Dedhia, 2561-9242, 98200-38535), 
       USA (Navin Dedhia, Dami Rambhia)

       Keshavajii  Dedhia is the convener for Kutch Water-Scarcity (Kutch Jal-Sankat    
       Nivaran) Committee which has filed a suit against Gujarat Government in the
       Supreme Court of India for the justified distribution of water from Narmada to
       Kutch.  Kutch district represents 24% of land mass of Gujarat and yet Gujarat
       Government has allocated only 1.6% of Narmada Water to Kutch.  Ahmedabad
       district is one-fifth the size of Kutch, but Gujarat Government has allocated to
       Ahmedabad district ten times the water allocated to Kutch!  For the past 10 years,
       Keshavaji Dedhia is associated with this issue of appropriate level of water
       distribution that Kutch should get from Narmada and has all the facts and figures to
       support the claim about how Kutch has been subjected to injustice in getting its
      proper share of water from the Gujarat Government. He represents Kachchhi
      community in all discussions with Supreme Court lawyers presenting Kutch’s case in
      the Supreme Court.  We received a thorough overview of what Kutch’s case is and
      how Gujarat Government is shortchanging Kutch in water distribution from
      Narmada and  the actions being taken by the Kutchi community leaders to get 
      justice in the matter of Narmada water sharing for Kutch.  The entire leadership of
      Kachchhi community is behind this issue and is in support of fighting this issue at the
      Supreme Court level.

  9)  Shree Bidada Sarvoday Trust Maru Hospital,  286-B Ambedkar Road, Near
       Bharatmata Cinema, Next to HP Petrol Pump,  Parel (West), Mumbai  400 012,
       Tel:  2471-7272, 2471-7474

       Date visited and toured the facility:   Dec 13, 2006

       In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, Vijay Chheda, Dami Rambhia),
       India (Maru Staff members)

       Maru Hospital in Parel is providing a much-needed health service and support to all
       patients and in particular to those referred to by Bidada hospital for advanced
       treatment in Mumbai.  Patients coming from Kutch are being taken care by Maru
       Hospital staff from their arrival in Mumbai until they leave Mumbai after a
       successful treatment.  Minor surgeries are done at the premises.

10)  Shree Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Gowalia Tank, Mumbai 

       Date of Visit:  Dec 27, 2006 (Staff at Mahavir Jain Vidhyalaya);
                               Jan 8, 2007 (Kanti Mepani’s place in Tardeo, Tel: 98925-73390,

       Students from this facility have been moved to other facilities  few years back.

       Building is completely vacant. Plans are in place to rebuild the new structure at the

       existing site,  once all the existing tenants have relocated somewhere else.  Students
       have temporarily been placed at the Navi Mahajanwadi, New Chinch Bunder Road,


       Met Kanti Mepani, an alumni of Vidyalaya, at his residence in Tardeo.  He gave a
       status report on recently started branches at Udaipur, Surat and Ahmedabad.  He
       indicated that there is an offer to provide a donation to start a Vidaylaya branch
       for girls in Kutch, if any entity or an individual can take a leadership role in the
       project.  Pros and  Cons of having a girls’ branch in Kutch were also discussed at



11)  Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust (Bidada Hospital, Village – Bidada, Taluka -
       Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat 370 435. Tel:  2834-244 444,  2834-2444 143,,

        Date visited and toured the facility:  Jan 2 – 4, 2007  (33rd Medical Camp)

        In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, Vijay Chheda, Chhotalal/Dorothy Bheddah,
        Tansukh Maru, Mahen/Revanti Gala,  Bhavi & Anju Vora, Kasturi Vira, Shaleen
        Vira), India (Sarvodaya Trust Exec committee Members, prominent residents of
        Bidada and other dignatories)

        Witnessed the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony of the 33rd  Eye, Dental,
        Medical and Surgical Camp.  Hospital facilities including Rehabilitation Center
        have been equipped with modern instruments.  Naturopathy building is under

        construction. 28,510  patients at the Medical Camp were served during Jan 3 – 22,


        Other medical camps took place at Palanpur, Rajkot, Surat and Ahmedabad during
        1Q 2007.    .

        Next Medical Camp at Bidada will take place during Jan 2 – 22, 2008.

        In the hospital premises, skill and craft related courses are conducted.  Witnessed
        a graduation ceremony of completion of Electrician and Sewing courses.  Students
        are thankful to the Bidada Sarvoday Trust for helping them in their career.
        Contact Vijay Chheda (Tel:  714-654-6097, or
        Manibhai Mehta (Tel: 714-898-3156,, Los Angeles,
        California for information.    
12)  Kindergarten School, Library and Panjarapole,  Bidada, Kachchh, Gujarat, 

       Date visited and toured the facility:   Jan 3, 2007  

       In Attendance:   USA (Navin Dedhia, Chhotalal Bheddah, Tansukh Maru),
       India (Jethalal Veerji, 98921-01100)

       About 50 children attend the Kindergarten school.  Snacks are provided to the
       students. In the same building, computer classes are conducted.

       Bidada Panjarapole facilities are at two places.  4000+ cattle are being taken care.


13)  Bheda Hospital, Bhujpur,  Taluka – Mundra, Kutch

       Date visited and toured the facility:   Jan 3, 2007

       In Attendance:   USA (Navin Dedhia, Chhotalal Bheddah, Tansukh Maru),
                                    India (Bheda Hospital Staff)


       Bheda Hospital is a modern health facility and the new building of the hospital was

       inaugurated in 2006. 

14) Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, Dr. Rajaram Campus, Near St. Xaviers English
      Primary School,  Bhuj, Kutch 370 001, Tel:  (02832) 221379,

      Date visited and toured the facility:    Jan 3  (Abhiyan’s Office in Bhuj)

      In Attendance:   USA (Navin Dedhia, Chhotalal Bheddah, Tansukh Maru),
      India (Liladhar Gada, Secretary of Abhiyan, 98795-06059, Abhiyan Staff)


      Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, known as ‘Abhiyan’, is a network of 27
      non-government organizations spread across Kutch.  The network emerged as a
      response to the 1998 Kandla cyclone and is a forum for advocacy and policy
      recommendations to the government.  It has been involved predominantly in
      Disaster Management in Kutch, which has seen 2 cyclones, 3 draughts and a major
      earthquake since its inception. 

      Collectively, Abhiyan members cover approximately 644 villages out of the 951
      villages in the 10 blocks of Kutch.   Vivekanand Research Institute (VRTI),
      Bidada Sarvodaya Trust, Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust, Kutch Yuvak Sangh,  Kutch
      Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS), Veerayatan Bhuj, Yusuf Maherali Centre are

      among the other members of the Abhiyan.  Its focus is on health, education,
      natural resource management, draught management, women empowerment and
      other activities.


15) Meeting with VRTI (Vivekanand Research & Training Institute), Nagalpur Road,
      Mandvi  Kutch 370 465,,  and  Koti Vriksha
      Projects Organizations

       Date of Meeting:   Jan 4, 2007  (Bidada Sarvodaya Trust, Bidada)

       In Attendance:   India (Kantisen Shroff,  known as ‘Kaka’;   L. D. Shah;  J. S
       Gosalia Trustee VRTI), U. S. A.  (Navin Dedhia, Vijay Chheda, Tansukh Maru,
       Chhotalal  Bheddah) 

       VRTI is involved in various activities  for the upliftment of the permanent residents

       of Kutch. Some of the activities include training, women empowerment, water

       preservation, agriculture economics, etc.  ‘Vivek Gram’ is a Monthly Gujarati

       publication of VRTI.  

16) Veeraytan, Vidyapeeth, Jakhania, Bhuj-Mandvi Road, Dist. Mandvi, Post
       Talvana, Kutch 370 460,  Tel:  (02834) 275483,,

      Date of Meeting:   Jan 4, 2007

      In Attendance:   India (Sadhvi Shilapiji and Vidyapeeth Staff),
                                  USA (Navin Dedhia, Chhotalal Bheddah, Tansukh Maru)

      Veeraytan Vidyapeeth has school and hostel for high school boys and girls. Recently,
      it started a pharmaceutical college.  It has a modern classroom, dormitories and lab
      facilities. KOJAIN’s name is prominently placed at the entrance to the Vidyappeth.      

17)  JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) Convention & Exhibition, 7/10
       Botawala Building, 2nd Floor, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai, 400 001,
       Tel:  91-22-6610-2003,

       Event Date:   Jan 5 – 7, 2007  (The 2nd International Conference of Jain Businessmen
       & Industrialists), NSE Grounds, Goregaon (East), Mumbai.

       Persons Met: USA (JAINA Exec Members Kirit Daftary, Dilip Shah, Pravin K.
       Shah), India (Mahesh Gandhi)

       More than 150,000 persons viewed the Astapad,  100 Teerthankar idols made
       from various precious stones, Jain sculpture photos. 700 exhibition stalls showing
       trades and businesses of Jain Community Members from all over India was also
       second attraction. This was the mega event showing Jain Unity.  Over 5000+

       people from 42 countries attended the Conference during Jan  6 – 7, 2007. 

      Pujay Munishri Nyapadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb guided the whole event.  Eminent
      dignatories included Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Shiv Sena
      President Uddhav Thakeray, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Sheyans Shah,
      Indumati Jain, Sudha Murthi (Infosys).

     “He, who has a weapon in hand is called Veer. But, he, who lives
      weaponless and believes in it is called Mahavir.”  -- JITO
18)  Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust (RNCT), 5th Floor, Vasant Vilas, 31 Dr. D. D. Sathye
       Marg, Girgaum,  Mumbai 400 004, Tel:  91-22-2389-8930,, 

       Event Date:  Jan 8, 2007,  JAINA & Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust Event at
       IMC (Indian Merchants’ Chamber, Churchgate, Mumbai

       In Attendance:  USA (Navin Dedhia, JAINA Exec Members Kirit Daftary, Dilip
       Shah, Pravin K. Shah, Dhiraj Shah),  India (Mahesh Gandhi and others)

       JAINA gave a donation check to the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust for the welfare
       of children, youth and adults. Activities of RNCT include food for education,
       food for savings, mobility camp, mobile orthopedic clinics, disaster relief and
       rehabilitation, Mumbai flash floods of 2005, etc. 

19)  Shah & Anchor Engineering College, Chembur, Mumbai 
        Date visited and toured the facility:   Feb  3, 2007
        In Attendance:  India (Premji Rambhiya, Exec. Committee Members, College Staff)

        MBA program will be started soon. Building is under construction.    


20)   Kutch Yuvak Sangh, Savita Sadan, Nagardas Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai
        400 069,

        Event Date:  Feb  10, 2007,  ‘Hetno Melavado’  (Kutchi-Gujarati folk songs
        at Mahakavi Kalidas Auditorium, Mulund-West)

        Persons Met:  Exec Members of Kutch Yuvak Sangh Mumbai (Viren Gada,
        98201-27612; Pankaj Shah, President,  98211-52978; Pravin Velji Shah 
        3261-99939;  Kulinkant Champsee Luthia, 98200-39469; Lakhamshi Rambhia,
        Dinesh Bheda; Chimanbhai Mota), USA (Navin Chheda, Harshida Nagda)

        Over  500 persons attended the cultural program at Kalidas Natyagriha,
        Mulund (West).  Kutch Yuvak Sangh is doing many activities to promote
        Kutchi culture and other humanitarian work.  Some schools in Kutch are being
        managed by the Kutch Yuvak Sangh.

21)   Mulund KVOSS, Ganesh Gavde Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai 

        Meeting Date:  Feb 8, 2007

        Persons Met:   Chandrika K. Gala, President, 98690-74568, 2568-2052;;  Shanti Rambhia;  Jitu Khuthia, 2593-1610; Lakhamshi
        Rambhia; Keshavji Gada)

        Mulund KVOSS is doing number of cultural, sports, and other activities.

22) Koti Vriksh Abhiyan , Kutch Ecology Foundation, Jalaram Baugh, Bidada,
      Kutch,  District Mandvi, Gujarat 370 435,  Tel:  (02834) 278602

      Meeting Date:   Jan 3, 2007

      Person Met:  L. D. Shah

      Main objective is to promote and grow more trees – one crore trees - in Kutch.
      The organization is making headway in protecting environment, preserving natural
      sites and improving ecology of Kutch.     

23) Bhojay Sarvoday Trust, Bhojay, Mandvi  Kutch, 370 450, Tel:  (02834) 278602

       Meeting Date:   Jan  3, 2007  (in Bhuj Kutch)

       In Attendance:   India (Liladhar M.  Gada),  USA (Navin Dedhia, Tansukh Maru,
       Chhotalal  Bheddah)

       Netra Raksha Abhiyan in conjunction with Vagad Sarvoday Trust & Bhojay
       Sarvoday Trust was conceived to help poor people in Kutch.  Bhojay Sarvoday
       Trust helps poor needy people in health care.       

24) Manav Jyot Public Charitable Trust, Nityanand Apt, Behind Syndicate Bank,
      Dr. R. P. Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai 400 080, Tel:  2567-3587, 2591-9755,,;   OR   Khurana Bhavan, Opp. Dhanvantari Hospital,
      N. S. Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai 

     Meeting Date:   Feb 10, 2007

     Person Met:  Kulinkant Luthia (98200-39469, 2567-3587

     Activities of Manav Jyot include service to humanity, drug bank, marriage bureau,
     senior citizen help, cancer health education, legal aid, etc.