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Following is the list of committees formed, Chair Person and Members in the committee selected on the Kojain Board of Director’s meeting of March 24, 2002


No. Description Chair Person Member(s) in the Committee
1 Kojain to Incorporate Navin Dedhia Ram Gada, Manoj D.
2 Loan Program for Needy
Pledge Form (PDF)
Loan Program
Kalyanji Mota Chandravadan Haria,
Vijay Chheda
3 Youth Committee
List of Directors
Kalyanji Mota Dhiraj Gosar,
Prem Gada
4 Kojain Marriage Information Service
Registration Form (PDF)
Guidelines for Perspective Applicant
Rajesh Chheda Bhanumati Shah
5 Constitution & By-Laws changes Ram Gada Manoj Dharamsi
6 India-Kojain coordination Arvind Shah Chhotalal Bheddah
7 Membership Dhiraj Gosar  
8 Kojain web site Ila, Kalyanji Bina Lalan,
Bhavin Shah
9 Public Relation and Newsletter Ila Shah Lata,
10 Insurance dedicated to Kojain
Writeup (PDF)
Dinesh Gala Prem Gada
11 Medical information Committee
Appeal to Medical Professionals
Info about Committee
Medical Info Excel Sheet
Vimla Chheda Bhagavati Gada,
Ila Shah
12 Host Family Program
Damibhai Rambhia Vimla Chheda,
Hans Maru,
Dhiraj Gosar
13 Senior information Program Manoj Dharamasi Hemalata Shah
14 Scholarship Program
Dinesh Chheda Manoj Dharamsi,
Navin Chheda,
Navin Dedhia, Dipti Chheda, Hiranya Maru, Pali Parekh, Amit Shah, Rachana Visaria
15 Guidelines by Kojain to hosting body of the convention Lata, Manoj  
16 Long Range Planning Prem Gada Dhiraj Gosar
17 Jayesh Educational Memorial Fund
Mansukh Gala Ram Gada
18 Women's Program
Hemlata Savla Bhanumati Shah
19 Historian of Kojain
Navin Dedhia  
20 Fund Raising Committee Open Chhotalal Bheddah

Chairperson is to develop charter, description of the project, goals, achievements and approach to implement the project. The Board of Directors is to approve the charter of the committee.

President is the member of each committee. All the chairpersons shall report and coordinate their committee activities with the President.

The above committees are in existence in Kojain. These committees are managed and maintained by Kojain. Any other committees are dissolved and discontinued. We shall continue to sponsor projects of the interest to our community such as Matunga Boarding or Mahila Vikash Sangthan and others.