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Medical Information Committee


Vimla Chheda (203) 372-4958
Ila Shah, (562) 947-7018  
Bhagavati Gada (806) 794-4777
Dr. Mahendra Maru (270) 688-8715
Dr. Shantilal Kenia (413) 562-7737
Dr. Jyotsna Nagda (617) 552-5053

Objective of the Project

            In order to ensure that the Kachchhi community in both the United States and India receives the proper medical advice that is available, the Medical Information committee will work to create a source of communication between members of the medical profession and people with inquiries.

Goals of the Project

             Our goal is to make a comprehensive and easily accessible database of medical information and a list of medical professionals available for consultation. The site will be well advertised to both the KOJAIN and the medical professionals.   

Responsibility of the committee

            The committee will formulate a disclaimer policy under which the members of the community soliciting information agree to waive their rights for any claim against the committee and the medical professionals offering such information. Such disclaimer policy will be prominently displayed on the KOJAIN web site.
            The committee member will collect the information from the medical professionals willing to provide the requested information. Collect the names of the medical professionals willing to act as a volunteer. They will make the educational information available.

Implementation Process

The first objective is to determine what fields of medicine should be targeted as being those with the highest demand.  Secondly, we will obtain the names and contact information for doctors in these fields who would be willing to be contacted.  Once this achieved, we will set up a database with their names and area of specialty. Once this is in place, we will inform this to the KOJAIN community. As the project grows we can also begin a FAQ section for people that want more general answers as well as set up possible chat sessions between physicians and interested parties for easier communication.
Volunteer Doctors: (please complete this information and sumit it to Kojain)
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