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Marriage Information Service


Chairperson: Rajesh Chheda   (856) 768-4442  
Member:        Bhanumati M. Shah   (203) 847-3418


  • Goal :  To provide the platform for an exchange of information between potential candidates for marriage.
  • Objectives : To provide a service to the Kutchi community through the collection and distribution of information to candidates.  Our mission is to unite and strengthen our community by providing a common meeting place for Kutchi Oswals.
  • Responsibilities :  The Kojain Executive Committee has formed Kojain Marriage Information Service having Rajesh K. Chheda as the Chairperson and Bhanu Shah as the committee member. They will be responsible for the working needs of this committee i.e. forms, guidelines and any other requirements deemed necessary in order to implement this program.  The Chairperson shall keep and maintain the Registration Forms, accounting of the Collection of Fees and Expenses, if any. The registration fee will be sent to Kojain Treasurer.  Also the Chairperson shall submit the ads to Kojain President, to be published in the Newsletter.
  • Authorities :  The Executive Committee of Kojain would have the authority to provide a policy for operating Kojain Marriage Information Service.  The Chairperson will implement changes as the committee makes them.  The Chairperson will be in charge of the day-to-day decisions.

MIS - Guidelines